Hx Engineering, LLC Overview 2019

Hx Engineering, LLC was founded in 1979 as Hx Computer Products, a part-time enterprise providing consulting and design services to OEMs and other users of embedded controls.

From 1980 thru 1987 HxDOS, an operating system for Ohio Scientific computers, was published and distributed worldwide, along with a variety of applications such as word processor, compiler, etc. Steady growth of demand for consulting and design services drove conversion in 1992 to a full-time operation.

Full time in-house capabilities are supplemented as required by a network of consultants and subcontractors with a broad spectrum of talents. This flexible, low-overhead structure combines cost effective design and development with rapid response to customer needs ranging from complete turnkey system design all the way down to rapid-response problem solving in existing customer equipment and designs.

Available talent can address software, communications, analog, digital, radio frequency, and mechanical design for a complete design solution. Our clients include a variety of companies, large and small, both in the Greater Cleveland / Akron area and throughout the United States and beyond. Long-term relationships with a number of clients testify to the quality, cost effective services provided to get a product to market quickly.

Past products span many orders of magnitude: from a product requiring a sub-microamp total power budget, to a product controlling hundreds of amps with high-speed switching; from measuring nano-volts to measuring hundreds of volts; from milli-hertz to gigahertz; from cubic millimeters to cubic meters; from sea level to the stratosphere and beyond.

Intelligent synergy between analog hardware, digital hardware, and firmware gives the best possible combination of price and performance. Our projects have included medical (FDA certified),short-range wireless (FCC certified), aerospace (FAA certified), and industrial products. Our facility is partially powered by a 6.8 KW solar power installation of our own design.